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Investment Transformation Program :

Investment Transformation Program is a complete 1-year program empowered with PROFISION Software. This program is designed as 2 days Technical Analysis training session at venue or ONLINE + 10 days online practical session + 1 year implementation of PROFISION Software. This program has been designed to learn the technique of Stock Market investment that can be short term, medium term or Long term.


    In this workshop we teach you -
  1. Mandar’s 80-20 Principle
  2. Mandar’s AIM strategy
    • A = Analysis (How to Analyze a Stock )
    • I = Implementation (How to implement the trade )
    • M = Monitoring (How to Monitor your Portfolio)
  3. This program is a complete 1 year program with Personalized hand holding from Mandar Jamsandekar Sir: - www.youtube.com/mandarjamsandekar

This workshop helps you to learn the most important enhancement -

  • Analysis
    1. There are more than 2500 stocks which trade on NSE alone – therefore this workshop starts with picking a stock.
    2. Once you have picked a stock you need to know whether it is a buy or a sell.
    3. After the decision is taken the next important step is deciding the price target and the time target.
  • Implementation
    1. After analysis the next important step is executing the trade.
    2. Care to be taken while executing a trade, the price at which the trade should be executed.
  • Monitoring
    1. Once the trade is executed you need to monitor the position till it is squared off.
    2. As the price keeps moving up and down it is a difficult proposition for a trader or investor to keep his cool and take decisions.
    3. In this session we actually see as to how the decisions have to be taken.
    4. Idea to keep your in control of your trade at all the times till the positions is squared off.
  • Discipline
    1. In this training you practically Learn to Implement Technical Analysis Strategies with Discipline which is important for Investment in Stock Market.

Support from us

  • Support throughout PROFISION subscription period on email, phone & whats app
  • Support Time – 9 am to 9 pm. (Mon to Sat)
  • Over and above this personalized support is also provided by Mr Mandar Jamsandekar on our App.
  • To Know more about our TRAINING PROGRAM just give MISCALL ON - 9509044400 or Whats App 020-66868686 or Contact US

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