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Practical Technical Analysis :

This is a 2 Day (Classroom) + 10 Days (Practical's @ Home) Workshop.

Technical Analysis is gathering increasing importance each day. This is on account of people understanding that price reactions on every small development have increased. Knowledge of Technical Analysis is important for tracking the changes happening in the demand and supply situation in a stock price. Awareness about investment options, transparency in stock market transactions and widening opportunities to invest in stocks at an individual level are also important reasons for the popularity of this field.

A lot of material available on the internet provides information about Technical Analysis and a person who wishes to do so can easily do it without spending a penny. Self learning is the best way of learning anything but remember that self learning in the stock market through own learning, own mistakes and own experiences can be time consuming, painful as well as costly.

It is better to learn from somebody who has experience who has seen the ups and downs in the stock market. Somebody who can be your mentor, always ready to guide when you need help.

Objectives :

  1. Learn Unique Strategies which work in India market conditions.
  2. Easy to implement a simple set of tools and format for analysis. 
  3. Clear defined rules for money management, risk management and portfolio management.
  4. Be your own fund manager.
  5. To train you on a defined strategy which combines Strategy & Discipline.
  6. Pick stock | Decide Price Target | Decide Time Target

Video by Mr Mandar Jamsandekar on Technical Analysis -

You Learn : 
Introduction to Strategies and Technical Analysis | Dow Theory | Trend and Trend Lines | Moving Averages | Japanese Candlesticks Theory and Patterns | Price Patterns (Price Targets along with Time Targets) | Indicators and Oscillators | Suppor and Resistance | Importance Of Implementing a Stop Loss and Stop Loss Levels Risk Management Strategies | Money Management Strategies | Portfolio Management Techniques | Live Stimulated Practical’s (on the second day of the course) | Trading Techniques and Systems | Formula For Success | After course – 10 days of practical sessions with our Trainer | Picking a Stock | Deciding a Price Target | Deciding the Time Frame for Investment | Money Management | Risk Management | Portfolio Management |


You are equipped with Strategy + Discipline which can be used for analyzing stocks with a view of Day Trading, Swing Trading and Investment.


If you feel that you are aware of Technical Analysis and the parameters mentioned above then attending this PRACTICAL WORKSHOP will give you 'The Eureka Moment' in your life.


Training Process : 
  1. Register for a workshop.
  2. Acknowledge the registration mail which is sent to your email id.
  3. One day before the workshop install PROFISION on your computer.
  4. Installation will be done by our support team by connecting to your computer for which you need to call on 020-66868686
  5. Support Timings -
    • Monday to Friday - Morning 8 am to Midnight 12.
    • Saturday - Morning 9.30 am to Evening 6 pm.
    • Sunday - Holiday.
  6. Attend the workshop on both days. Ensure that you reach the workshop venue before time.
  7. Bring one note book and pen for the workshop to prepare "YOUR OWN HOLY BOOK" of knowledge.
  8. Saturday - Learn Theory with practical examples on charts. In the evening do one practical to get an idea of the way in which the theory will be implemented and also of the progress to happen on the next day.
  9. Sunday - Practical's throughout the day to be done by every participant. In the evening a road map is given to you which needs to be followed for the next 10 days as this is a 2 + 10 days workshop. Also a way to go forward beyond the 2 + 10 day period is laid out.
  10. 2 Days in class and 10 Days at your home.
  11. Every day in the evening do the practical's as explained on the second day of the class room session.
  12. When doing practical's if you need assistance then you have to call our support team on 020-66868686.
  13. Email the practical's done to our email id support@precisiontechnicals.com.
  14. The study done will be verified by our trainers and they will discuss the same with you.
  15. Continue to follow this procedure even after 10 days.
  16. Assistance is provided to you throughout our lifetime in this same way.
  17. Refresher workshops are arranged one on one as per your convenient time and are done without any cost to you.

To undergo this training submit your details using this link - 'Contact Us'